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Crossfit Hungerford

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Crossfit Huerford Group Fitness

Established in 2015 CrossFit Hungerford is a world class CrossFit facility based in the heart of Berkshire, Hungerford.  At CrossFit Hungerford you will receive the highest quality coaching in an atmosphere designed to ensure that you reach your full potential and achieve your personal goals.

There are no gimmicks, no free water bottles, bags or shoes.  There are no mirrors, no TVs and no machines.  Instead you will lift, run, push, pull, row, climb, swing and skip, using a variety of different equipment in limitless combinations to achieve genuine functional fitness.  You will become a faster, stronger, healthier version of yourself.  We need no machines, you are the machine!



We live the lifestyle we advocate to others; there is no management board or finance company in the background; the gym is owned and operated by Miccy, Simon and Danny who have been long term members. We  believe in the CrossFit methodology, there is no sales team, no small print, just genuine results.  You will be coached by us and at times train along side us. We have lived and breathed CrossFit for nearly 7 years here at CFH and we will welcome you to join us.


We have a hugely experienced coaching team,  who can’t wait to welcome you and share their vast knowledge and experience, they are passionate about helping others improve.

We are a community, not just a gym. You will be welcomed into an eclectic band of likeminded and determined individuals who will support and encourage you on your CrossFit Journey.

Crossfit Hungerford Personal Training

Introduction course - it starts here......

If you are new to CrossFit the first step is to speak to us  (see contact details) so we can understand you better and tailor it to your needs. This will give you a chance to meet our coaches, have a look around the gym and experience your first CrossFit workout.  There is no hard sell and indeed no sales team.  We very much believe in people training with us because of the positive atmosphere, professional coaching and the chance to be a part of the community here at CrossFit Hungerford.

Who is CrossFit Hungerford for? The answer is everyone. Our members span the whole cross section of ability; from elite level athletes to those beginning exercise for the first time.  The one thing we all have in common is a desire to improve our fitness and general physical well-being.


Do you need to be fit before you join?  Absolutely not! It is our job to help you get fit.  Everything we do is scalable to the abilities of each individual athlete (yes that's you) so regardless of athletic background or experience everyone can train side by side.


New members begin their training through a tailored induction.   

To book an intro session or if you have trained at another CrossFit affiliate and would like to get signed up straight away simply fill in the form below expressing your interest and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible with the relevant details. 

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If you'd like to  Purchase a membership or book on to any of the sessions then please go to the TIMETABLE. First you will need to sign up to Team Up, this will only take a couple of minutes

3 classes per week

£70.00 per month.


4 classes per week

£85 per month 


Unlimited (access to all classes and seminars) 


Drop in HIIT/Conditioning/Metcon

£10 per session

Drop In CrossFit Session

£10 per session

(Optional) Introduction Course

Please contact us for your one to one intro session 

costs  £45



Contact Us

7 Charnham Lane
RG17 0EY

Miccy 07767 614736
Si 07767 891131
Danny 07802 281837

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